The Cost of Discipleship

Albert Einstein, the German-born mathematician, slowly watched his homeland give in to Adolf Hitler’s Fascist dictatorship. Einstein wondered if any were going to stand up and oppose Hitler. He said, and I quote, “When Hitlerism came to Germany, I expected the Universities to oppose it. Instead, they embraced it. I hoped for the press to denounce it, but instead they propagated its teachings. One by one the leaders and institutions which should have opposed the Nazi philosophy bowed meekly to its authority. Only one institution met it with vigorous opposition and that was the Christian Church.” Einstein confessed, “That which I once despised, I now love with a passion I cannot describe.” — The commitment of the Church in standing against evil made a profound impression upon Einstein. Those individuals in the 1930’s understood the cost associated with their actions, and they did not back down. The Church today is challenged by Jesus to do the same in today’s Gospel.